Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

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In the game "Heads Arena: Soccer All-Stars", it is up to you to prove that your team is a true winner. You can choose one of 13 teams and a player who will play alone on the field and represent your whole team. Ready to play soccer with the heads of the footballers? Then go ahead! You will have two game modes to choose from tournament and group mode. In group mode, you can play against the computer or each other. You can even play in a two-on-two mode. There are enough keys on the keyboard to control, even for four players, so you can invite the whole group of friends to play this soccer game. In tournament mode, you will play matches against 13 different teams worldwide.

In this game you can fight with the computer, or you can let them find out who of you and your friend is better at handling the ball. To run around the field, the first player can use the arrows or keys on the numeric keypad. The second footballer moves if you press the buttons A and D, and the jump is W. You can also turn on the "2x2" mode and control two footballers at once. Kick the ball into the opponent's goal and try to get the upper hand.

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