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How many hoops can you shoot?

The game features a ball (almost always a basketball, but it can also be a tennis ball on very rare occasions), a backboard, a hoop, an inner field, an outer field, and coins dispersed within the inner field. Your task is to have the ball go through the hoop from either direction, or at least cross the middle of the hoop. Drag in the opposite direction of where you want to shoot to determine the direction of the ball. The longer the drag, the more powerful your shot. Usually you want to hit the backboard and then have the ball go through the hoop, though sometimes you can aim directly at the hoop. Scoring increases your score by 1, which leads to a new level being spawned. The inner field is rotated in some direction, and thus your ball will fall in a particular direction. This cannot be seen as you view the game from above. The game is lost by falling out of the map.

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