Rally Legend

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Tap to change direction. Collect coins and upgrade your car! Or maybe buy a new one? -DarkCube

You begin with a rally car going in a straight line. You tap the screen to make it go either left or right (your first tap will always be to the right, it doesn't matter where you tap on your screen). You can also cross borders (you can continue going left until you reappear on the right hand side of your screen). Obstacles include trees, tree logs, fences and boulders, which can spawn in any orientation in any clustering. The game does not speed up. You also have coins and immunity which you can collect by running into them. When you have immunity, the speed of your rally car will increase, and you will not be able to take damage from any obstacles. The shield will flash on and off to warn you when it is about to expire. Note that if you have immunity, you cannot stack another immunity on top of it, thus acquiring immunity when immune is redundant.

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