Subway Surfers

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Take your surfing skills from the waves to the top of the train in Subway Surfer. Developed by SYBO Games, this casual game is still fun. Tons of characters and boards to choose from, plus a cop to escape. Run errands as fast as you can, then jump on the surfboard. Collect coins tossed on the road. Pick up props to collect coins faster. Play in different cities and touch all subways. To start playing in your browser, hit the play button below and enter Metro World. With enjoy4fun, playing games online for free is now so easy. Long downloads and annoying updates are over. You can play your favorite Subway Surfers in the cloud on your PC or mobile device without downloading or installing the game. Instantly turn your old phone, PC or any other device into a powerful gaming console. Subway Surfers is a classic endless running game. You play as Jack, surfing the subway and trying to escape a grumpy inspector and his dog. In this endless running game, you need to avoid trains, trams, obstacles and more to go as far as possible. Collect coins to unlock power-ups and special gear to help you go further each time in Subway Surfers. Also, coins can be used to unlock different characters and boards. Using your keys, you can customize your character and upgrade your hoverboard with special abilities. Don't forget to complete the rewards as they will give you keys. In "MyTour" you can collect rewards by completing daily word hunts. You can also find quests there. Subway Surfers was created in 2012 by Kiloo and Sybo. To this day, it is one of the most popular online games! I highly recommend this game for people who love racing games. You can get prizes, boosts, and unlock cool characters! You get chased by a policeman and his dog for graffiti (I am pretty sure) and you have to run away but there are many obstacles. Such as trains and walls. There are coins you can collect to buy extra boosts. I've played this game for years and it's the best! ♥️ It's pretty good. I've been playing since I was 6 and still haven't gotten enough of it. There are some things I would like to have back in the game. There was a glitch in the special power zap sideways, and whenever you zap, your hoverboard animation speeds up and I liked it. Also there were old animations for the character idles, the character running animations and hoverboard animations too, and I kinda miss that. Classic, this game has started over 10 years ago now, and yet still is on top, they haven't fell in the path of a money hungry company. This remanes one of the best moble games of all time, even after 10 hole years now! They don't have many adds but when they do it's mostly skip able and if not there are always 30 seconds. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

You play this game on GameBridge by using your keyboard: Left/right arrow - Move left/right Up arrow - Jump Down arrow - Roll Space - Activate hoverboard

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