Om Nom: Run

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Om Nom: Run is a running game set on the mean streets of Nomville. Complete the set challenges on each level to succeed. There are various power-ups and bonuses to help. The game features the characters Om Nom and Om Nelle from the Cut The Rope universe. Dodge obstacles and collect coins Avoid obstacles by moving left and right, as well as jumping over and ducking under obstacles. Each level presents a different challenge, like reaching a certain distance without crashing, performing stunts, or collecting orbs. You’re awarded a star rating for every level you complete successfully. Pick up power-ups While you’re sprinting your way through a variety of hazardous situations, keep your eyes peeled for power-ups. Some of the power-ups include magnets, rocket boosts, and double coins! Unlock new characters Using the riches you’ve bagged on your street running expeditions, you can purchase new characters from the Nomville universe, and stylish outfits too! Features Race through a variety of dangerously exciting locations Collect boosts and power-ups to maximize your points Get your name on the leaderboard for winning competitions Play levels with set objectives or play forever in endless run mode!

Use the arrows to move.

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