Drive and Jive 2

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Keep to the ramps and don't go crazy with the controls. Because you might lose control of your vehicle if you try to go too fast. It's important to bear in mind that your car has a lot of muscle under the hood. Acceleration and braking will both be necessary for safe obstacle avoidance. There's more to it than just pumping the throttle and driving over these streets. As a result of the increased roughness of its surfaces, its handling remains poor. It's not uncommon for drivers to have to let up on the throttle after accelerating in order to let the car go forward on its own. You need to figure out the ideal way to drive, then always strive and work harder. Enjoy!

Steer forward by pressing W, D, X or Up arrow, Right arrow, Mouse click. Steer backward by pressing S, A, Z or Down arrow, Left arrow.

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