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Uno Online is a board game where you play the cards in your hand which match the pile by either color or number. Your main objective in Uno Online is to be the first player with no cards. You can play Uno with 2, 3, or 4 players. Use special cards to block your opponents, and clear your hand to win! Don't forget to say "UNO" (press "1") whenever you have your last card at hand, otherwise you will be punished with two penalty cards. Share it with your friends and play it online together!

Use your finger or left mouse button to play a card. Try to match the card on the table with the same number or color. Keep playing your cards until there is none left. Don't forget to press "1" when you have one card remaining! What are the official Uno rules? Skip: The next player is "skipped". Reverse: Reverses the direction of play. Draw 2: The next player must draw 2 cards and lose a turn. Draw 4: Changes the current color plus the next player must draw 4 cards and lose a turn. Wild Card: Play this card to change the color to be matched. Challenge Draw 4: If you think the player who played a Draw 4 on you has a card of the matching color, you can challenge this player. If you are right, this player must draw 4 cards instead of you. Otherwise, you'll draw 4 cards PLUS 2 extra cards! Challenge UNO: Challenge your opponent for not calling UNO. If they are caught, your opponent must draw two cards! Stack: +2 and +4 cards can be stacked. +2 can only be stacked on +2. Can only play a +2 on a +2 if holding a +2 and +4. A player that can't add to the stack must draw the total. 7-0: When someone plays a 7, that player must swap hands with another player. When anyone plays a 0, everyone rotates hands in the direction of play. Force Play: If you draw a playable card, it will be played automatically. How many cards are in Uno Online? Uno has 108 cards in total, divided into four colors: Red, blue, green, and yellow. Number Cards There are 19 numbered cards, each color ranging from 0 to 9. There are two of every numbered card. Action Cards There are three types of action cards in Uno that you can Skip card - the next player in the sequence misses a turn. Reverse - reverses the direction of play. Draw two - the next player draws two cards and misses one turn. Wild Cards There are two types of wild card with four of each one. They are: Wild - lets the player choose what color to play. Wild draw 4 - declare the next color to match, and force the next player to draw four cards. Which games are similar to Uno Online? Uno is one of our most popular Board Games and card on GameBridge. Similar games to UNO are Crazy Eights, Push, Kariba, Phase 10, No Thanks, Go Fish, Skip-Bo, and Rummy. How can I play Uno Online with friends? In the main menu you can choose between a Single player mode and a Multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer mode you can play up to 2, 3, and 4 friends. Can I play Uno Online vs computer? Uno Online on GameBridge lets you play against the AI (computer) or real people. Where can I play Uno Online without downloading or installing it? GameBridge lets you play Uno Online without downloading or installing on every device. Access the game in the browser on your tablet, mobile phone, or your PC. Is Uno Online free to play? Yes it is free to play, with no cost or charge! Simply visit Uno Online on GameBridge and start playing instantly! Who created UNO? UNO was developed by Merle Robbins. Now it's owned by Mattel. When was Uno Online created? UNO was conceived in 1971. Uno Online was released in 2009. The new multiplayer update in 2022 lets you play against real people in real time. Is Uno Online easy or hard? Uno Online is very easy to learn. Kids and adults alike can play it comfortably!

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