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Wait a bit… Tap the screen a couple of times. Drag from the left part of your screen to the right. Tap the screen many times. Tap the screen many times. Tap to make the loading bar jump. Don't hit too early or too late. Don't let the blocks hit the loading bar! Tap to remove them while it slowly fills up. Tilt your device to the right side. The bar depicts the Longcat character. Swipe to the right so it can be filled. Tap the screen a couple of times. This level is a Fixel-like level. Drag green blocks to the loading bar such that they are evenly spaced. Tap the dice. It fills the bar by the current face that is shown. Tap the blocks to remove them. Tap the screen a couple of times. Shake the screen! It pours the bottle out, slowly filling the loading bar out. This is a snake game. Swipe to move. Don't go offscreen! Eat the red blocks. Eventually you have a snake the size of the loading bar, filling it out will proceed. Help finish the bar - move the big white block to the gaps beside the loading bar. Hold the bar and release it at the right amount. Aim for the tip of the loading bar. Congratulations!

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