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Color code your shield to match the incoming rods. Survive for as long as possible! Score 28 for a 3x3 grid!

You are spawned in with 4 coloured boxes, a coloured shield in the form of a circle around the boxes, and incoming rods. The map also rotates. The shield must be colour coded to the rod to clear the rod, by tapping the boxes in accordance to the color, gaining you one point. Death is caused by a mismatch in colour. You initially begin with 4 colours; blue, green, purple, and yellow. After a score of 28, you are met with 5 more colours, red, pink, orange, brown, and white, which form a 3x3 grid. Thus there is a new challenge of having to navigate through more colours. However, the game slows down. After getting 14 points in the 3x3 phase, the game goes back to the original 4, and so on, but every 2x2 phase adds another 10 points needed to get to the 3x3 phase. The rods come in at a quicker speed up until the transition between stages, where each subsequent stage is slightly quicker than the previous one. Note that if you get close to the next phase change, a tune plays and the game becomes faster.

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